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A Great Investment

Top Performance Highlights

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY least 5 places in the U.S. News and World Report Public University rankings more than any other top 50 university in the United States. We are ranked at 38, and well on our way to the top 25.

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY accepted the highest academically accomplished incoming Freshman class in university history with a 4.0 average high school GPA and 1240 average SAT score.

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY is ranked the second most efficient university in America. We were recognized for being able to deliver a top-quality higher education experience while maximizing effectiveness.

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY receives more National Science Foundation Funding than any other university in Florida.

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY has 400 first-time-in-college students from at-risk backgrounds in our CARE program. Through our intensive academic services and support, CARE students graduate at a higher rate than our general student population

Top Budget Priorities for the 2017 Session

  • Preeminence Funding - $20 million
  • Faculty Retention and Lowering Student/Faculty Ratio - $31.5 million
  • Graduate and Post-Doctoral Students - $18.5 million
  • Performance Funding - $10.6 million
  • Strategic Academic and Research Buildings
    • Earth, Ocean, Atmospheric Science Building $29 million
    • Interdisciplinary Research & Commercialization Building $10 million
    • College of Business Legacy Hall $10 million
    • STEM Teaching Lab $5 million
    • Strategic Land Acquisition $5 million

Preeminence Funding - $20 Million

Florida State University has used preeminence funding in the past to make considerable investments in the quality and stature of the university. In 2016, we had the greatest rise in national public university rankings, climbing 5 spots. FSU has a goal to become a Top 25 university and a leader in student career readiness. Preeminence funds will allow us to continue strategic investments, particularly in the STEM fields.

Faculty Retention & Lowering Student/Faculty Ratio - $31.5 Million

Florida State University’s current student faculty ratio is 25 to 1, which places us at 168th in the country according to U.S. News and World Report. Investments in new hires combined with faculty retention would lower our ratio to 21 to 1. FSU’s ultimate goal is 17 to 1, which is the level that Top 50 universities provide. This investment would improve student success and promote growth in key academic areas.


Florida State University has a disproportionately lower number of graduate students and postdocs than our Public Research I peers. Graduate students and post-doctoral research associates (postdocs) are integral to the research activity of top universities. Our current graduate student-to-undergraduate student ratio places us at 59th out of the 81 amongst these peers. Our postdoc population is currently around 65% of the average Public Research I university. FSU is committed to dramatically growing its research activity, but this is not possible without significant expansion of the graduate student and postdoc populations.


Florida State University has responded to performance-based funding by aligning key efforts and resources to strengthen student success. Performance funding has enabled FSU to make considerable investments in elevating our retention and graduation rates, raising our retention rate to 94% and four-year graduation rate to 65%. FSU is ranked in the top 15 of all public universities in the country on this specific metric. Continued performance funding will extend FSU’s trajectory and enable even more students to receive the support and engagement needed to graduate and succeed in the job market.


  • EOAS $29 million This investment will complete the Earth, Ocean, Atmospheric Science Building.
  • IRCB $10 million Total state cost for the Interdisciplinary Research & Commercialization Building, funded by a 50%-50% partnership of state and private funds.
  • College of Business Legacy Hall $10 million Planning and Engineering for an $83 million building funded by a 50%-50% partnership of state and private funds.
  • STEM Teaching Lab $5 million The facility will allow FSU to address the critical shortage of quality teaching labs on campus and to provide inventory of instructional space with modern systems that can support the STEM disciplines.
  • Strategic Land Acquisition $5 million The FSU Master Plan identified strategic land purchases that will enhance the opportunities for research and learning buildings on the main campus. FSU has one of the most densely populated campuses in the entire SUS.

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