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Legislative Liaisons

This campus network of faculty and staff from multiple departments assists the Office of Governmental Relations when legislative issues arise that require their department’s input.

Damon Andrew - College of Education

Dennis Bailey - University Facilities

Sean Bankston - Information Technology Services

Brandon Bowden - Student Affairs

Laura Brock - College of Medicine

Stacy Chambers - Florida State University Schools

Somnath Chatterjee - Financial Aid

Kyle Clark - Finance and Administration

Amy Hecht - Student Affairs

Dustin Dailey - General Counsel

Kathleen Daly - University Relations

Laurie Grubbs - College of Nursing

Jonathan Levin - Student Government

Eric Chicken - Faculty Senate

Ruth Feiock - Academic Affairs

Susan Fiorito - Moran College of Entrepreneurship

John Fogarty - College of Medicine

Vanessa Fuchs - Athletics

Renisha Gibbs - Human Resources

Karen Gibson - Procurement Services

Paul Harlacher - Academic Affairs

John Hughes - Florida Center for Reading Research

Michael Lake - Budget and Analysis

Shelley Lopez - Human Resources

Rosey Murton - Purchasing

Joe O'Shea - Academic Affairs

Kristin Roberts - National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Makini Thompson - Athletics

Paul Trombley - Office of Research

Office of Governmental Relations
216 Westcott
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1440

Telephone: 850-644-4453 or
FAX: 850-644-2888