Legislative Liaisons

The Legislative Liaisons is a campus network of faculty and staff from multiple departments who assist the Office of Governmental Relations when legislative issues arise that require their department’s input.

Danielle Morgan Acosta – Dean of Students Department

Dennis Bailey – University Facilities

Paul Harlacher – Academic Affairs

Brandon Bowden – Student Affairs

Laura Brock – College of Medicine

Stacy Chambers – Florida State University Schools

Kyle Clark – Finance and Administration

Mary Coburn – Student Affairs

Mike Cramer – Office of the General Counsel

Allison Crume - Student Affairs

Melissa Morrison Cueto – Budget and Analysis

Dan Dayhoff – University Facilities

Marcy Driscoll – College of Education

Judith Durdle – College of Nursing

Austin Engelbrecht – Student Government

Susan Fiorito – Faculty Senate

John Fogarty – College of Medicine

Vanessa Fuchs – Athletics

Renisha Gibbs – Human Resources

Karen Gibson – Procurement Services

Phaedra Harris – Human Resources

John Hughes – Florida Center for Reading Research

Michael Lake – Budget and Analysis

Darryl Marshall – Financial Aid

Linda McCorvey – Office of Research

Ian Robbins -- Procurement Services

Kristin Roberts – National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Paul Trombley – Office of Research