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President's Message

Dear Friends,

It has been a busy fall semester and a very productive time for Florida State University.

The big news was our five-point jump to No. 38 (from 43) in the lates U.S. News and World Report rankings, reflecting our strong academic reputation, talented student body and the continued -- and passionate -- support of its alumni.  Our gain was the largest in all of the Top 50 public universites; however, we are not done yet! Several other issues are falling into place that willhelp us continue on a clear path to greater national prominence.

For example, the FSU Board of Trustees met recently to approve a new five-year strategic plan, "The Future is Florida State." The new strategic plan outlines FSU's vision and goals for the next five years, which we think captures an entrepreneurial spirit at FSU that has long distinguished it from other universities in the country.  I encourage you to take a look at the final product.

Additionally, the legislative season is around the corner.  Interim committee meetings begin in December and continue through February, with the 2017 Session set to start on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. We are requesting funding from the Legislature to hire additional faculty, which will improve student-faculty ratio.  This additional funding will help us to retain our current, preeminent faculty as well.  We're also asking for more resources to expand research and boost student success, as well as additional funding for new facilities on campus.

Speaking of student success, our students, of course are an ongoing resource of pride and are the most academically talented this university has ever seen.  Andy they are not just excelling in the classroom, but outside it as well by securing prestigious national scholarships, taking advantage of study abroad opportunities and volunteering in the local community and around the world.

Many of our students are involved in amazing internships, including opportunities at the capitol and others that are preparing them for their careers as well as cultivating their civic involvement as a means of making the world a better place.

Please know that Florida State is grateful to you for your voic, your advocacy and your loyalty to our university.  Most of all, thank you for caring enough to engage state lawmakers on Florida State's behalf and encouraing others to do so as well.


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John Thrasher